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Sale away….

May 3, 2009

My friend Andy (from school) and his wife invited me to their townhouse association’s mass garage sale yesterday. They live at “Village on the Green” in Waikele, only a few blocks away. I was tremendously blessed. The garage sale was a big success. It went well…. ridiculously well!

I fully packed my truck (the bed and the interior) with items that I wanted to unload. I must’ve hauled a couple hundred pounds of stuff! This photo was taken near the end of my stay which was only three hours.

I was able to sell 2 bookshelves, a tv stand, a PS2, broken Oakley shades, Churchill fins, computer speakers, a diving mask & snorkel, a slow cooker, a 30 yr. old rice cooker, aluminum foil, baby powder, hangers, a coffee maker, a golf jacket, jeans, knives, plastic containers, a walker, a blow dryer, a UH football jersey, a rake, an ironing board, tons of books, a bunch of DVDs, a DVD stand, lots of dishware, an exercise ball, wine glasses, chopsticks, envelopes, and a bucket….

….all in the first hour!

God sent customers over with vans. I even had repeat customers who came back a half-hour later. The best part was that I didn’t have to repack unsold items. The association was willing to collect the leftovers and donate them to charity. I had to pinch myself! I left after three hours (I was more than satisfied.) It was totally ridiculous….

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