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Missions Trip Day 8: On the Road Again

June 2, 2013

No, not on bike. We took the van 7 hours back to Bangkok. Here I am in the lobby of the T. Corner Inn at check out.

We picked up souvenirs and snacks along the way. The best part of the ride is that it gives the team time to bond. We’ve become close.

The best part of today was being reunited with Sam and Jeannie. The team is back together! Praise God. We had a nice devotional time.


We had dinner back at the Bang Kapi food court. I think I’m becoming too experimental. I forgot to mention that you buy coupons at these food courts. You can always get your money back for unused coupons.


I think this was some kind of ice cream. My favorite dessert in Thailand was mango w/ sticky rice & coconut milk.


Back at the Kantary House Hotel. Pastor Goi left bags of rambutan and mangosteen for the team to enjoy.

Feeling sad that my missions portion of the trip is coming to an end.

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