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Kalihi Noms….

October 17, 2014

Every year I come out with a list of my Top 10 favorite places to eat near campus. Here’s the new one….

10. Family Roots Café has great panini sandwiches. The bread is toasty & crunchy and the ingredients are always fresh.

9. Pongo’s Kitchen has an amazing Sesame Chicken plate. I think it’s the best chicken dish in town.

8. Natsunoya Tea House has great food and is located behind our campus. We cater our bentos from here.

7. ‘Akahi Dining Hall is our very own cafeteria on campus. Ono Hawaiian food! We’re so blessed, but the wait in line for students can be quite long at times.

6. Nico’s Pier 38 has great seafood and ambience. What I like best here are the desserts! The Salted Caramel Crunch is crazy….

5. Lili’s BBQ is a new place at the end of King Street. One word, “brisket.”

4. Kikuya has become our EdTech Team’s go-to place for celebrations. We’ve become “regulars.”

3. Ethel’s Grill just reminds me of my childhood. This is pure comfort food.

2. Alicia’s Market across of Nimitz has a vast selection of poke and ridiculous Crispy Roast Pork. So ono….

1. My #1 fave is Helena’s Hawaiian Food. The Short Ribs Pipikaula is incredibly awesome! The short ribs hang from the kitchen’s ceiling before being fried up. I believe that the secret ingredient to its amazing flavor is the cook’s hair gel rubbing against the dangling meat.

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