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November 6, 2015

At KS, we do a bunch of goal-setting and goal-tracking. At the start of the school year, we come up with three goals. (Stephen Covey.) And I kinda like my three….

1. Global Learning
Got a couple of global projects in the works. Blessed to be going to Machu Picchu in the Spring! Dream-come-true. Crazy. And there’s even a chance of Tokyo in June….

2. iMua Café
iCan Café has been [re]imagined, [re]branded, and [re]launched as iMua Café. “iMua Café is a weekly informal EdTech session designed to help teachers and students learn better.”

I’ll be doing a series of workshops in Midkiff starting with iMovie (storytelling.)

3. Yelp Club
After two years of advising TEDxYouth@Kamehameha and TED-Ed@Kamehameha, I’ve retired.

Don’t call it a comeback, but I’ve taken on the advisor role for the Yelp Club.

Looking forward to the school year. #imua

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